no water, no moon
© 2017 nistal prem de boer
nistal prem de boer
It happened to Chiyono. Carrying water in her bucket she admired the the silent splendor of the reflecting full moon. And then, the bottom fell out, the water was gone, the moon disappeared. Chiyono, it is said, became enlightened: She realized herself to be a hollow bamboo, A flute on the lips of the infinite: An empty bucket. Finding God, enlightment, had been Chiyono's life ambition. She wanted to become a monk, a meditator, devoting herself to the search. Because of her physical beauty she was rejected by many monasteries. She burned and scarred her beautiful face. With her head shaved, disguised as a man she entered the monastery. Only at night, alone, washing herself, her secret was revealed. For years she lived a simple life of meditation. One night it happened to Chiyono.
60” (72” including stand) x 44” x 20 2003, series of 8
bronze sculptor