5' - 0” (life-size), 9’ - 0” including bow 2001, series of 8
arrowsmith woman
© 2017 nistal prem de boer
nistal prem de boer
Saraha, only a few generations after Buddha is said to be the founder of Tantra. In some way however he was not: Saraha was a learned Brahmin. High nobility, the King wanted him as his son-in-law. However, he left for a Buddhist monastery, where soon he became famous as a meditator: A man of silence and wisdom But then one day he left and found his true Master. He met her in the marketplace, an ordinary woman, The Arrowsmith Woman. She saw him carrying scrolls and books and she laughed. She closed one eye and looked along the arrow she just finished. So total, so vital, so absorbed. It is said, that Saraha dropped his scrolls. In a flash, he understood what the Buddha means: Being in the middle - left and right not existing - And how totality leaves no trace. A clean slate, no Karma. He fell on his knees to this beautiful young woman. Together they lived a life of celebration equality of women and men. By and by the whole country joined them In their bliss and celebration and peace. Finally even the King left his palace to join them My bronze Arrowsmith woman has a traditional Zen Kyodo bow. Asami Nishimura from Hiroshima has been the model. She trained with the bow and has been a great inspiration. This sculpture is dedicated to Asami.
bronze sculptor