ganapati (ganesha)
24" high 2012, series of 20, 22 lbs
© 2017 nistal prem de boer
nistal prem de boer
As a young boy I was very interested in mythology. Ovid's Metamorphoses were a great inspiration. The wild world of Greek and Roman Gods and animals, hybrid creatures, half fish or horse or bird held endless fascination for me. Recently I started to discover a world of Gods in India, very different, but also similar. Ganapati, son of Shiva and Parvati with his elephant head is just one of many colourful Gods. He probably has as many devotees as Mary, the mother of Jesus. He channeled the ancient Vedas and wrote them down with one of his tusks. Ganapati (in northern India called Ganesha) is the remover of obstacles and he is called upon for wisdom and endurance. The devotional practice in India is very sincere, but not rigid: a sculpture might show Ganapati using a computer to write down the Vedas. My version of Ganapati embodies other elements of my travels in India: peacocks and monkeys. An Indian version of the Town Musicians of Bremen: Ganapati, balancing on one hand, carrying a peacock, symbol of beauty, on his belly. A monkey trying to still its 'monkey mind’, rides on his feet.
bronze sculptor