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I am intrigued about how to express the ephemeral, the fleeting and transitory in the permanent, lasting medium of bronze: the timeless bronze represents to me the never changing moment we live in, the Power of Now: Always experienced in different ways, fresh again and again. The human form is my greatest inspiration, certainly its unspeakable beauty, but very much also, its ability to change and to show the processes of transformation. I love playing with our ability to consciously or subconsciously read all these expressions. I work mostly from life models, however I am not concerned about the anatomical correctness. My concern is the expression, the feelings generated by the work. Death and birth do not just happen at the end and the beginning of life, it happens every moment, it is part of growth, of change, expressed moment to moment. My little granddaughter is not the new born baby she was just one year ago, that baby is gone and a totally new one year old is celebrating her birthday. I have drawn upon stories of transformation and metamorphosis found in Zen stories, Greek myths, in legends of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, in Sufi tales and poems, in Tantra. All these stories are about change and mutation, growth and enlightenment. Much of my sculpture attempts to capture these moments of metamorphoses in the permanent form of bronze. To me, they are an expression of the ultimate accident, the dew drop merging with the ocean. A finger pointing to the moon.
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