doña quixote
Don Quixote is one of my favourite heroes or should i say anti-hero… He does everything wrong, he is mad, imagines things that no one else perceives, everyone makes fun of him. Including the young girl that is the object of his love, his treasure, the motor who makes it possible to endure so much hardship..And in a beautiful and unforeseen way, he does gain her love, her compassion in the end… he succeeds in his quest. This hero has become an archetype, however a female equivalent is not know to me. This is not a Joan of Arc, no Margaret Thatcher or Cleopatra… Tragic and comical, yet honest and pure she just stands there. She is totally focused looking at her foot… just a splinter? Or some imaginary giant coming out of her toe? She is easy to love.
3" x 5" x 20". (stick 22") 2014, series of 20 8.5 lbs
© 2017 nistal prem de boer
nistal prem de boer
bronze sculptor