Nistal is available to create portraits in clay, to be executed in bronze. He takes a life cast of the face and many photos. After this he can create the portrait without the model, although if possible, a few modeling sessions are highly desirable. Photos of the clay model can be shown via email for approval before casting in bronze. Right now he does not take commissions for portraits of deceased people. In landscape architecture Nistal loves working with large rocks, stone walls, ponds and rivers, trees and plants. Altar of Love, Medicine Wheel and Zen Garden are examples of his work. Nistal can create sculptures or especially relief's to celebrate or commemorate special events. "Rigoletto" and "Construction" are examples of such a situation. His architectural background makes it very easy for him to integrate sculpture and architecture in monumental arts. To send Nistal a message use one of the Contact links in either the top or bottom menu.
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